Sunday, December 5, 2010

But as for me and my house.....Part 5

Master Bedroom edition!

If I wait until we fully furnish our bedroom and actually move into it, then you will be waiting a looooong time for me to finish this series!  The upstairs is now "move-in" ready, complete with hardwood floors, trim and painting touch-ups.  However, as we near the completion of this year-long, over-budget home project, the new bedroom, dining room and living room furniture that we have been waiting so long to purchase, will have to wait awhile longer. 

So, here are some pictures of our new, empty bedroom.....

Yes, those are cows outside our window.

Charlie's room, adjoining our bedroom

Ezra's closet.....aka Christmas staging area

Master Bath

Master Bath....whirlpool

Master Shower

Linen Closet with laundry chute

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