Tuesday, December 7, 2010

But as for me and my house.....Part 6

The Garage!!    I know, I know.....Boring.  A garage is a garage is a garage....but I get excited over little things.  Growing up, we always had a garage, since I was about 4.  And we actually parked the cars in it too.  But, it was more like my parents' garage.  As the high school driver in the family, my car had its designated parking spot outside.  And then, in college I once again parked outside, only this time, I had much farther to walk from the car to my room.  After Ezra and I married and moved into base housing, we had a single car carport, and finally, when we moved into the farmhouse, we had a carport once again.  However, 90% of the time it was used for storage rather than vehicles.  Even though we don't live up north in extreme winter conditions, we do have our fair share of morning temperatures below freezing, and sitting in a freezing cold car waiting for the windows to defrost is not fun.  Running out to the car, when it's 17 degrees outside, in a robe and slippers to turn it on and start the heat (when we remember) is not fun either.  And, carrying loads of grocery bags (and babies, for that matter) from the car to the house in freezing temperatures or pouring rain is not fun.  Therefore, our house plan has always included a garage.  We wanted a garage large enough to park both of our vehicles as well as the lawnmower and other necessary lawn & garden equipment, bicycles, etc.

The early stages

Well, the garage was officially finished Saturday.  Garage doors are installed, walls are painted and the floor has been brushed with an enamel/epoxy....Too bad we still can't actually park in the garage until we finish cleaning outside and then fill in with dirt/gravel leading up to the garage.  So, for now, it remains a big "playroom" for the kids.  I took these pictures to remind me that at one time it was clean because I know once we actually start using it, it will never look like this again.

The "third car" area of the garage,
reserved for the lawnmower and bicycles

With our recent morning temperatures well below freezing and afternoon highs just above freezing, now would be a good time to get the driveway in usable condition!

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