Saturday, December 11, 2010

I didn't snoop....I promise!

I admit that back in the day I regularly peeked at my Christmas gifts a few weeks early.  And when I say "regularly," I mean every year, every chance I got.  Because you never know, something new might have been bought in the past two days.  I blame this addiction on my sister....The year that I had just turned 10, we were left home alone one night in December (my parents were probably at some Christmas party) and she forced strongly encouraged me to untape one of two identical shaped presents, one to me and the other to her.  We untaped just enough of the present to see the box and identify the gift as a CD player and then quickly and carefully retaped the paper, making sure it lined back up just right.  On Christmas morning, sure enough, we each had our own CD player.  I admit, it was kind of a disappointment without the true element of surprise (that I had to fake), but that didn't stop us from finding the Christmas "stash" (on the top shelf of my parents' closet and/or in the old refrigerator in the garage) every year thereafter or unwrap and carefully re-wrap presents that were already under the tree.  We got so good at this that we could tell the difference between "cheap" wrapping paper that would tear when tape was removed and "quality" wrapping paper that the tape would peel off of easily, without evidence of our snooping.  Throughout my high school (and college) years there was little to no surprise come Christmas morning.

Now that I am grown and married, I like to think that I have grown out of this childish behavior.  I no longer go snooping for Christmas presents that might be hidden in the back of my husband's closet.  I don't have to.  Even though he tries to surprise me, usually, one of two things happen (because he does not like shopping or the crowds in December, go figure).....I am with him when he buys it or I buy it myself, bring it home and tell him that he can put it up for Christmas.  That all changed this year, however.  I went out one Saturday to do some Christmas shopping and he kept the baby at home.  He told me that he was going to do some shopping as well.  I figured that he would do some online shopping, and even though I only had about 3 or 4 things on my list, I didn't know what he was planning on getting.  I did know, however, that because of our budget this year, I would not be getting everything on my list (let's face it, I've basically gotten a brand new kitchen and house already this year). 

Fast forward to yesterday.  I notice the mailman walking away from our front porch....obviously having just dropped off a package.  Since I have about 3 packages that I am expecting, I go open the door, to find this, as is, sitting on the porch.....

So much for a surprise!  Maybe next year.....

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