Monday, December 27, 2010


Snow Day!!

We thought that the snow we had Christmas day was awesome!  But then, the day after Christmas it got even better!  Overnight, the temperatures dropped further, freezing the ground, and then there was more snow the next day!  It was the perfect combination for sledding!!  The kids got a great sled for Christmas last year, but never had an opportunity to use it, so we were excited to try it out this Christmas!  In addition to sledding, there were plenty of snowball attacks and snow well as cold, wet feet and tired babies.

She never misses an opportunity to ride her bike!

Our family of snow people!

The first time I've been sledding....
since I was 7 months preggo with Eli!

Before the cold, wet feet became an issue

After the cold, wet feet (and a snowball in the face
courtesy of big brother) became an issue

Snowball fight on top of the hay bales!

Rolling down the hill

Rolling down the hill

Rolling down the hill

Dog pile at the bottom of the hill

And today, the sun is shining, temperatures are slowly warming up, the snow is melting, Ezra has returned to work, decorations are coming down, and we're slowly getting back into our normal routine.  Funny, when Ezra takes a few days off work, he has to catch up on email.....when I take a few days off, I have to catch up on this.....

The snow was wonderful.  It was a treat for us southerners who don't see very much of it, and I absolutely loved making sweet memories with my family this Christmas!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as we did!

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