Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving....a little late.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok, I know that I am a little late....but I have been busy.  Very, very busy.  Stuffing my face and the faces of my little monkeys with turkey, ham and all the fixin's for the past four days.  And when I say "all" the fixin's, I mean all of them!

Wednesday morning we loaded up the crew, along with an entire grocery store of groceries and headed north to the blessed land of Gatlinburg, TN.  In Gatlinburg, we met up with 19 more members of my awesome family.  The plan for the long holiday weekend was very detailed.  Eat.  Sleep.  Football.  Repeat. Again and again.

Our cabin

The details include 26 family members, spanning 4 generations, traveling from 5 different states across the south from Oklahoma to Florida, spending 4 days together in a 9 bedroom cabin nestled in the Smoky Mountains.  There was turkey (roasted and fried), ham, two different types of dressing, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce, corn casserole, carrot souffle, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, mac n cheese and roasted veggies (forgive me if I left anything out).  And then there was dessert, and more dessert.  We had at least 10 different people contributing to the cooking duties of the day.

The back porch

I learned several things on this trip:
  • My family is AWESOME (Ok, I already knew this, but it's still worth mentioning.)
  • 2 1/2 miles up a mountain is a wee bit too far for a 3 year old to hike.  He slept on daddy's shoulders the whole way down.
  • 20lb of mashed potatoes goes a long way, even when you are feeding 25 people.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots had 6 fingers (Random, I know.)
  • I am the only member of my family who does not own some sort of wireless laptop, blackberry, droid, or other electronic means of staying "connected" with the world while away from home.  (And I'm ok with that.)
  • My younger, "teenage" cousins are now 18-25 years old.  Still trying to figure out how that happened.
  • My Aunt Gwenn and Uncle Charles deliver pizza.....10 hours away.
  • 4 years is way too long to go without seeing extended family....This must change pronto!
  • Always take extra camera batteries on a trip.  Always.
A few pictures I managed to capture before the camera battery died...

The men, staying out of the women's way in the kitchen.

Turkey and dressing....lots of it



Some more fixin's

And even more fixin's....Needless to say, we ate well.

Hmmm....Turkey or pie?  I think I'll take pie.

Relaxin' in the hot tub

I thank God for my wonderful family, being able to spend the holiday with them and safe travels for everyone to and from home this weekend!  We had a blessed Thanksgiving and I hope everyone else did too!

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