Friday, November 12, 2010

It's time to play "catch up"

As previously mentioned, Whirl and Pool recently moved in with us.

But, to be perfectly honest, Whirl has been slackin'.  She's been shacking with us for over a month now and done zip, zero, nada as far as her fair share of the work around here.  Some excuse about "the drain lines aren't hooked up outside and I'll flood the yard.....yada yada yada"  Well, today that all changed, and it's about time she starts earning her keep!

With the hassle of carrying laundry somewhere else, I limited myself to only washing what was absolutely necessary for the past month and creating quite a pile of "not so urgent" laundry to get done once Whirl decided to cooperate.  And let the record state, that the 4 little monkeys around these parts have a tendency to jump and play in this laundry, therefore it is spread all over the room.  Well, the pile grew and grew with winter clothes that were stored all summer without air conditioning and just smelled stale, extra bedsheets and towels that got dusty from all the sheetrock work in the house, and bed comforters that the kids are starting to need now with the cooler nights. 

So, Whirl's days of life and leisure came to an abrupt halt today, and she is now working around the clock.  And now, she has the audacity to ask when her counterparts "energy" and "efficient" are moving in...

Not for awhile, my dear....not for awhile.  Just keep on spinning...

By the way, Whirl boasts an annual energy cost of only $19 per year.....That's just fine and dandy, except that it was based on energy costs in 2007 and average usage of 8 loads per week.  Ummm, try 28 loads on a good week....

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