Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today, he is 3.

Three years ago he was our newest little bundle of joy.  Well, not so "little," weighing in over 8lb.  Now, I dearly love all of the men in my life, big and little, but this little man, with his blond hair and blue eyes can just melt my heart sometimes.  He is definitely in the mama's boy stage right now.  And that is just fine by me!  "Mama, I go wit choo" is one of my favorite phrases (most of the time).  He wants to sit next to me at the dinner table and go with me to check on our house every chance he gets.  I also love "I lub poo, Mama!"  It's just too cute to correct sometimes, and I know that eventually he will grow out of it and sound like a man.  How I will miss these days!  Two was such a wonderful age for this little man, that I was almost depressed last night at the thought of him turning three, but I am now looking forward to the new joys and adventures that 3 is going to bring us.  And, to my delight this morning, he still said "I lub poo" when he woke up, he still wanted to sit next to me at breakfast, and he still wanted to go with me on my walk this morning.  So far, 3 is turning out to be just fine!

A few pictures over the years....

At 3, this little man:
  • likes the color green best
  • takes great naps!
  • wants to sing the Prayer Song at every meal
  • went from saying nothing to talking non-stop in complete sentences within the past 6 months
  • weighs 28lb
  • would wear a green John Deere shirt everyday and everywhere if I let him
  • is a precious, delightful gift from our Lord, for whom we are so thankful!
Happy Birthday, little man!

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