Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mashed potatoes, anyone?

When I was growing up "in town," as I now refer to it, I remember having to occasionally go borrow an egg or cup of milk from our next door neighbor in order to finish cooking dinner or some holiday baking.  By the way, our neighbor frequently returned the favor and borrowed from us as well.  If by chance the neighbor either was not home or was also out of the desired ingredient, no problem.  We would then make the quick 5 minute trip to the grocery store to get the needed ingredient and all was well. 

Well, things have changed a bit since then.....We are temporarily living with our closest neighbor (that would be my in-laws) and it's a 30-minute drive to the grocery store, one way.  So, the other day when I decided mashed potatoes would be a great accompaniment to stuffed peppers for dinner, everything was fine and dandy.....The peppers were baking in the oven, potatoes boiling on the stove, and garlic butter was melted and ready to be added to the potatoes.  Then it hit me....we were out of milk!  I had noticed earlier in the day, but just figured we would drink water with dinner and I would be grocery shopping the next day.  It was now too late to change dinner plans.  Let's just say that driving an hour to and from the grocery store (and therefore delaying dinner for my hungry family) was OUT OF THE QUESTION!!  I returned to the refrigerator, frustrated in defeat, as the wheels in my little brain started pondering what I could make with boiled potatoes and garlic butter when I spied it......Heavy Whipping Cream, unopened!  Score!  Let's just say that those were some yummy mashed potatoes.....

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