Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More homeschool fun

I know I am way behind on keeping this blog updated on a regular basis, but here is another feeble attempt to give a glimpse of the goings on here on the farm.  Just a heads up for my 3 readers out there...I am working on several new blog posts that should be up over the next few days.  I thought I should forewarn you to prevent panic and confusion.

We have been staying right on track and maintaining a regular school schedule most days since we started back after Cooper's birth.  My goal is to finish the "work" part of school in the mornings....math, english, spelling, reading and then focus on the "fun" activities....history, science, health, art....later in the morning (if there is time before lunch) or early afternoon.  We also try to plan any "projects" during Charlie's afternoon nap. 

Such a good boy...staying out of trouble

Working on his reading lesson

Phonics lesson on the letter "E"

Sharpening his geography skills

He may seem all sweet and innocent working alongside us during school, but don't let him fool you....
Destroying big brother's ABC puzzle and then wrestling over the pieces

Don't let these two fool you either...
Quietly working...for the moment, at least
Putting in the last piece of his ABC puzzle....before little brother entered

Proudly displaying his artwork
Tri-cornered hats like George Washington

Making Hasty Pudding (from the song Yankee Doodle)

Hasty pudding - a colonial staple of cooked milk and cornmeal "mush"...                        Please do not try this at home!
Eli LOVES the colonial and pioneer eras of our country, although he is very thankful to have the variety of food that we have today!  He has read through library books on George Washington, Betsy Ross, Thomas Edison and Daniel Boone within just a day or two of bringing them home, and he is currently reading the last book of the entire "Little House" series, which he just began in October!  If I forget to go back and turn off his bedroom light by 9pm, he will continue reading until almost ten o'clock!  He certainly keeps me on my toes (and searching the library's internet catalog late at night for new books every few days)!

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