Thursday, September 2, 2010

Farmhouse Chicken Pot Pie

Last night I made one of my kids' favorite meals.  Chicken Pot Pie. 

Growing up, this is what Chicken Pot Pie looked like to me......

No wonder I never liked it!  It was loaded with mostly celery and a few bites of not-so-real-looking chicken.

I started making my own version of chicken pot pie during my first year of marriage.  The recipe I found had the bisquick biscuit-like topping, and although it was okay, I still wasn't too pleased with it.  Then, a few years ago, I met Pillsbury and my life has never been the same!  This is an easy, semi-homemade chicken pot pie that is absolutely delicious, stands alone as a meal in itself, and my kids love it!  How can I complain when they are requesting a meal that is loaded with veggies!

2 cups (or more) shredded/diced cooked chicken
1-2 bags (depending on size) frozen mixed veggies, blanched or steamed
2 refrigerated pie crusts (I use Pillsbury)
2 deep dish pie shells (optional)
3-4 cans cream of chicken soup

Preheat oven to 350.

Combine the chicken, veggies and soup in a large bowl and mix well.  Spoon into pie shells or just a large casserole dish.  Cover with pie crusts and use a knife to cut slits in the top to allow for steam to escape.  If you want to go all out and really indulge yourself, you can brush some melted butter over the top of the pie before baking, but I think that negates the nutritional value of the veggies....

Bake 45 minutes to an hour, until crust is golden and pie is bubbly.

This recipe is so easy and versatile.  Sometimes I use rotisserie chicken that I pull off the bone, sometimes boiled chicken from the crockpot, sometimes leftover grilled or sauteed chicken or leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  However, I do not recommend using barbecued chicken....always check your leftover frozen chicken that you take out to defrost very carefully....just sayin'.

You can also use any combination of veggies.  We usually use the standby corn, peas, carrots and green beans.  Although, occasionally I toss in some fresh asparagus and my kids don't know the difference.  By the way, the steamfresh, microwaveable mixed veggies make this easy recipe even easier!

I used to make 1 pie for our family, but my 6 year old likes it so much that he will eat half a pie!  I now have to make 2 pies or a large casserole.  It also freezes well.  Just mix it together and prepare in the pie shell; then it should just fit in a gallon size ziplock bag.  I find that after it has been frozen, it needs to thaw completely and then bake about 1 1/2 hours to brown nicely.

I understand if you prefer the look and feel of the store-bought frozen pies...just bake it in individual ramikens instead.....

If I had the time (and patience) I would try to make my own crust and cream of chicken soup, but some conveniences are just, well, convenient!  In my 8 years of married life, I have made one homemade pie crust, per my husband's request.  After scraping a sticky mess of dough off the rolling pin and cutting board, I discovered there is a reason that Pillsbury exists.  I do have a recipe for homemade cream of chicken soup, but I've never actually tried it and I'm just not sure that it would be worth the effort.  And besides, opening up cans with a manual can opener is a great task to keep little hands busy for a few minutes!

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  1. Your chicken pot pie is my absolute favorite