Tuesday, October 26, 2010

But as for me and my house.... Part 2

If you missed the first part in this series on the process of adding onto and renovating our home, you can begin here.

Once the basement was framed out, framing out the rest of the house went pretty quickly.

Ready to pour the concrete roof of the basement


Crawling in the crawl space

In the picture above, notice the window.  That window was previously a kitchen window that was removed and became the walk through between the kitchen and dining room.

First floor, front view

First floor, back view and what would become the garage

Garage, and not so straight camera

View of front of house

View from the back of  the house

Laying the rock work is what has taken much longer than I ever expected.  I had no clue what a slow process it is, but it is looking wonderful.  Our rock mason began working in mid-June and has worked 5 days a week every week since then and still has a few days before finishing the new addition.  We were so grateful to find matching rock at a quarry between us and Birmingham, but had no clue just how much rock it would take!  We have ordered over 50 tons of rock for the addition.

West side of the house, with smaller lawn mower garage door

The upstairs, beginning from the left in the above picture, is the game room, stairwell and then master bedroom, bath and nursery.  The downstairs has a new dining room on the front of the house, large laundry room with access to the basement, and a 2 car garage with a separate garage storage area for the lawn mower, tools, etc.

Front of house, again, during rock laying....Dining room with Game Room above

Front of previously existing house....new windows, new roof  and new front door;
still waiting for vinyl trim around roof line and two white columns on the porch

Front of house with addition on west side

Back of house....Nursery and Plain Jane's closet upstairs, with garage downstairs

Garage doors, just intsalled yesterday

The rock work on the new addition is almost complete, hopefully by the end of this week.  Then our rock mason will have to lay all of the window sills around the older part of the house and fill in where we removed some windows. 

In this "before" picture, notice the brown, concrete window ledges that lined every window.  These have all been removed and will be replaced with rock work, as seen in the picture below, to match the new part of the house.

In the next segment, we will move inside the house, which is what everyone really wants to see.

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